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  • Emma Walsh

What are the benefits of financial planning?

Any attempt to formulate and conjure up any financially smart strategies seems like a lost cause in the era of Covid-19. Economic shutdowns across all industries have led to devastating deficits in millions of entrepreneurs’ savings and a lack of income due to widespread shutdown mandates which led to the loss of consumers.

Many small business owners may be asking “What is the point in trying to plan for my financial future if the present does not foster an economically friendly environment?”

Benefits of Financial Planning in Business include:

Accurately monitor the money coming in and going out

With the accessibility of banking apps and other financially focused digital platforms, it is easier than ever to keep a lookout for an organisation’s profit and deficit margins. This allows owners to see what and what is not working at the time to create a chance to pivot.

For example, say that you are a restaurant owner, and your food services have to be reduced because of a government mandate on eating-in services. By monitoring income levels, you can see that your business may have a better chance of survival if you adapt by offering delivery and carry-out options to consumers.

Utilise financial planning to lean in on what is important By figuring out what works in these unforeseen circumstances, a business owner will have found the key to survival in an age of restrictions and no direct contact with customers. With the rise of online businesses and traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses transitioning into digital operations, entrepreneurs still have a way of reaching and doing business with customers.

  • Tailor your financial goals to meet your needs: Do not only focus on being frugal if you really want to expand your brand and services. Although the global pandemic might have significantly hindered any entrepreneurs monetary goals for the year, there are still financial tools such as utilising digital platforms such as social media and websites, to continue operations and to attract potential customers when physical stores are closed.

  • Create goals that make sense for your business: For new and smaller business owners, 2020 & 2021 has thrown them obstacles of epic proportions. So, the goals that they may have had in January of one year may have been derailed by March. Thus, it is crucial to be realistic about your goals and if it is possible to actually reach them in the current economic environment

  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. Plans: Being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-oriented are the elements of a thorough and well-thought-out plan. By asking the questions of “Who?” “What?” “When?” “Where?” “Why?” and “How?”, a business owner has a better chance of actually accomplishing their goals.

Feel encouraged with financial planning

One of the strong benefits of financial planning is not only will entrepreneurs have peace of mind when making a path of success for their business, but they will also be encouraged to weather the storm against the disaster that is the Covid-19. Financial planning also provides stability and reassurance in a world where nothing is guaranteed.

Stay the course and stay positive with financial planning

Do not give up and stay hopeful. In these trying times, it is easy to succumb to the stress and worry of trying to keep a business alive when operations are limited or have been shut down altogether. Look to your financial plans to help you find a lifeline in getting your business through the other side of the tempestuous climate of the current economic environment.

Utilize financial planning tools such as a compass

When navigating an unfamiliar situation, such as a once a lifetime pandemic, one needs direction in how to handle such a complex problem. Financial planning especially for CFOs and event for some serious small-to-midsize business owners to stay above water and eventually overcome the unstable state of the economy.

Financial plans help to establish a criterion of what is good and what is bad

These benefits of financial planning are not just used to help business owners navigate the economy, it also assists entrepreneurs in establishing a level of performance to be measured based on sales, growth of the brand, and quality of service. If a business can remain profitable, gain more customers, and have consistent quality of service and products then that business should be able to survive and thrive in a pandemic.

More profits, more peace

As stated earlier, having peace of mind will be had when a path to success is made. Accomplishing goals and having a numerical value as to what is successful for your business will lead to more positive results in a business’ profits and a business owner’s mental and physical health. It is understated how the stress of being an entrepreneur can take a toll on the mind and body and it is especially true in today’s economic environment.

More money, fewer problems

There is a famous saying that goes “more money, more problems.” But, in the face of a Covid-19 dependent economy the more money that a business owner can make, the better. Many entrepreneurs have experienced major loss within the past few months and anything that can help their operations carry on into the next year (if they are lucky) is a welcome addition to a horrible situation.

Less loss

Creating a financial goal requires research, planning, and effortless execution. When running a business in normal circumstances it is not very strategic to just 'wing it' and hope that everything falls into place for your benefit. This is especially true when running a business during an economic depression. There is not much room for error when your business is already operating on a tightrope and one simple mistake can send a company over the edge of bankruptcy.

 Become assured about monitoring your finances

As intimidating as it can seem, monitoring your finances is the biggest benefits of financial planning. Knowing and understanding the habits of how a business spends money on operations gives an owner insight into how they can adjust and adapt to the rapidly changing economic environment. It also lets entrepreneurs feel in control of what the future will hold for their company.

Why is it Important to Have a Financial Plan?

Establishing a financial plan can help business owners see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. These past few months have been excruciating for small business owners. The stay-at-home, eat-in, and crowd mandates have greatly affected the capacity at which they can operate their businesses, and thus make money.

No business, whether a small family shop or a large corporation, has come out unscathed. But financial planning allows for entrepreneurs to, at least, soften the blow and look to what is ahead.

Final Thoughts

In these unprecedented times, looking forward can be seen as a gift that only belongs to those with a “glass half full” perspective. But, by implementing financial planning into how one operates their business they could be making the first steps to having a bigger and better company in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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