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Library: News and Information for Walsh West Clients

How to Start a business or become Self-Employed

10 Benefits of Business Continuity Planning

Setting up as a Sole Trader

What is Self Assessment

Different kinds of Employment Status

High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge

What is Income Tax

What are a Directors’ Duties

Top 20 Tips for running your own Business

What Records must a Limited Company keep

Why Real-Time Accounting Matters for businesses

Why Bookkeeping is Important

10 Tips for choosing an Accountant

What is the purpose of Management Accounting

Transactions between a Company and its Directors

Business Plan vs Budget

Consequences of Breach of Directors' Responsibilities

Contingency Planning

How much Income Tax and National Insurance you should pay

What are the 6 steps in the Financial Planning Process

The Benefits of Real-Time Accounting

What is Inheritance Tax

A guide to Inheritance Tax

How can I reduce the Inheritance Tax payable when I die

Inheritance Tax -
Rates and Rules

Tax on Property, Money and Shares you Inherit

Inheritance Tax on a Private Pension you Inherit

Capital Gains Tax -
Tax on Property

COVID 19 Lessons Learned in Business Continuity

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Company Accounts - 
Do's & Don'ts

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