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  • Emma Walsh

Protecting Business Relationships In A Time Of Crisis

Strong relationships with clients, staff, suppliers and other businesses are key to surviving the current crisis.

Strong relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and staff are a key part of business success. But in a crisis, it’s easy to focus on your own issues and neglect those important connections.

Here’s how to stay connected during difficult times – because you won’t get through without strong relationships and ongoing support.

Communication and contact

Transparency goes a long way in a crisis, so keep the lines of communication open.

  • Let customers know about delays, changes to opening hours or any other issues as soon as possible.

  • Make sure your staff are updated about any changes or concerns before they hear about it in the media.

  • Stay active on social media or through email, so your customers know you’re still around.

  • Talk to suppliers as soon as possible if you are unable to make a payment.

Flexibility and understanding

  • Relax payment policies for customers struggling to pay bills – think about accepting payments in instalments or via credit card

  • Be understanding if staff are struggling as well– loosen dress code rules, let staff work from home, and push back deadlines where possible.

  • Move your business online, offer at-home services or delivery, and offer discount codes or vouchers to spend when the crisis is over.

Help and support

  • Reach out to the wider business community to find ways to help others.

  • Ask staff how they’re dealing with the crisis and give them space to talk about it.

  • Support your community with donations or time if you can.

Struggling to maintain connections and keep your business moving during the current crisis?

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